When is it a Good Idea to Overbuy?


A reader asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt, “If business is going to be okay in the fall, are there any categories I should overbuy in?

Your Business-to-Business E-Commerce Should be as Good as a Consumer System


E-Commerce expert Neal Kaiser explains why your business-to-business e-commerce site should provide the same experience as a direct-to-consumer site.

Should Retailers Hire Search Engine Optimization Experts?


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E-Commerce: Integrating Orders with Inventory and Supply Chain


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What Qualities Make a Great Buyer?


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Online Merchandising Techniques


E-commerce expert Neal Kaiser discusses strategies that will engage your site’s visitors and turn browsers into buyers.

The Importance of Integrated E-Commerce Platforms

Neal Kaiser-FEATURED

E-commerce expert Neal Kaiser explains why it’s important that your e-commerce platform allows you to integrate, from supplier relationships to customer management.

Bad Weather’s Effect on Sales


A retailer asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt, “The recent onslaught of winter storms has really put a damper on our business. What can I do to minimize the damage?”

What to Do About Abandoned Shopping Carts Online

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E-commerce expert Neal Kaiser explains how to minimize cart abandonment on your e-commerce site.

Using Marketing Automation to Drive Sales

Jake Fell 2014-FEATURED

Marketing expert Jake Fell talks about using automated marketing, like birthday and post-purchase e-mails, to drive retail sales.