Putt it on

Travis Mathew

John Jones: Golf apparel adapts to appeal to a younger demographic.

The casual tie

Stag Austin

Harry Sheff: Neither Austin nor Madison are known for formal dress, but they each have an innovative menswear retailer that does a fairly good neckwear business. A casual one.

Ones to Watch: Raleigh Denim Workshop

Raleigh Denim

Husband and wife team Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko launched Raleigh Denim Workshop out of their living room in 2007.

Ones to Watch: Hook+Albert


College buddies Cory Rosenberg and Adam Schoenberg founded men’s accessory line Hook+Albert last year after bonding over brightly colored socks.

Ones to Watch: BucketFeet


Elise Diamantini: BucketFeet’s Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani, who met volunteering in Argentina, seek out emerging artists for the designs on their canvas shoes.

Baskit: Born in the USA

Baskit America

John Jones: Underwear brand Baskit is launching a line called Baskit America, made in the brand’s home state of Colorado.

Under appreciated


John Jones on underwear: Basics, color, performance and luxury combine to liven up the invisible market.

Midwest style


Elise Diamantini visits Chicago retailers, including Akira, Sir & Madame and Haberdash.

Destination: Grooming


Harry Sheff: By making their fragrance and grooming departments a larger part of their stores, Blackbird, Martinpatrick3 and Halls have become destination shops.

Whimsical but wearable


Elise Diamantini: Young guys are buying and styling suits in a totally different way.