56% of Americans don’t look to see where apparel is made

A recent poll by Harris Interactive found that just over half of Americans say they don’t check labels to see where apparel is made before purchasing.

Bangladesh plans to raise garment worker wages

The Bangladeshi government will set up a new minimum wage board to review the pay of garment workers and pave the way for an increase in wages.

US urges buyers to collaborate on safety in Bangladesh

The US State Department, Department of Labor, and Office of the US Trade Representative have engaged in talks with US buyers who source garments from Bangladesh.

EU mulls trade action to pressure Bangladesh on safety

EU officials say they are considering action to pressure Bangladesh to improve conditions for garment workers.

Retailers respond to collapsed Bangladesh factory

Primark and Joe Fresh have confirmed that their garments were being manufactured in one of the Bangladesh factories that collapsed, killing more than 150 people.

Another garment factory fire kills seven in Bangladesh

At least seven workers were killed and 50 injured in a fire at an unlicensed garment factory in Dhaka on Saturday.

EU calls for better factory health and safety in Bangladesh

The European Parliament has asked Bangladesh to put in place health and safety measures to prevent a recurrence of the clothing factory fire last year that saw more than 111 people lose their lives.

Activists call for compensation for Bangladesh fire victims

Activists are staging candlelight vigils across the UK this week, urging compensation for the families of those caught in the recent factory fire in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh factory fire a wake-up call for safety

Global apparel buyers, importers and other industry stakeholders are being urged to treat the recent garment factory fire in Bangladesh as a wake-up call to work together to establish a sustainable factory model with improved worker safety.

Factory fire kills 110 garment workers in Bangladesh

Tuesday will be a national day of mourning in Bangladesh following Saturday’s horrific garment factory fire.