Best Buyers 2012: Heidi Wanderley, Neiman Marcus

Heidi Wanderley

Killer instinct: Heidi Wanderley of Neiman Marcus follows her gut.

Best Buyers 2012: Vern Ticknor, Ticknors

Vern Ticknor

Have fashions, will travel: Vern Ticknor is bringing his northern buy to the south.

Best Buyers 2012: Steve Ramenofsky, Garys

Steve Ramenofsky

Garys’ iconoclast: A straight shooter who’s as quirky as he is creative, Steve Ramenofsky’s vision is all about change.

Best Buyers 2012: Shannon Stewart, Harry Rosen

Shannon Stewart

Nothing to lose: At Harry Rosen, Shannon Stewart’s gamble paid off.

Best Buyers 2012: Thai Pham, Kmart

Thai Pham

Raising the bar in the mass market: Known to be sharp, gracious, respectful and stylish, Thai Pham talks about what makes him, and Kmart, tick.

Best Buyers 2012: Joey Mendez, Halls

Joey Mendez

Kid in the Halls: Joey Mendez juggles buying and managing Halls Downstairs.

Best Buyers 2012: Suzanne Jones, Bloomingdale’s

Suzanne Jones

Keeping up with Jones: Bloomingdale’s Suzanne Jones is up on the latest trends.

Best Buyers 2012: Dana Katz, Milton’s

Dana Katz

Boston boy: Milton’s Dana Katz has mastered the art of balance.

Best Buyers 2012: Peter Harris, Saks Fifth Avenue

Peter Harris

Theatrical manager: Veteran Saks buyer Peter Harris knows how to move the needle.

Best Buyers 2012: Ken Gushner, Boyds

Ken Gushner

The professional: After 30 years at Boyds, Ken Gushner still lives and breathes the business.