Made in America: Foreign Appeal


Shoppers across the globe show interest in MIA. By Jillian Sprague American art and fashion have long had admirers abroad. More recently, some American brands that produce domestically have experienced sales growth in foreign nations. But do international retailers truly seek out brands because they’re made in the U.S.? Or are American-made goods simply trending […]

MR Q: Ouigi Theodore, creative director of The Brooklyn Circus

Ouigi Theodore

The ringleader: Ouigi Theodore created his own kind of three-ring circus. “My dream is to see guys hanging on the corner in suits,” the energetic and famously bearded Ouigi Theodore told The New York Times in a profile last January. His store, The Brooklyn Circus, with locations in Brooklyn and San Francisco and a shop-in-shop […]

Item of the Week: Fox Tails


The fox tail key chain trend first popped up in the women’s market at Louis Vuitton’s spring 2010 runway show when Marc Jacobs accessorized them on handbags. Guys have since adopted the trend by clipping the tail to their back belt loops. Now these tails can be easily spotted on all over the streets of […]