Catching Up With: Kevin Hansen and Michael Chilton, Badowers

Michael Chilton and Kevin Hansen

Harry Sheff talks to Badowers about tailored clothing, Barbour jackets and how a comment about “ironic shoes” fueled some profanity-laced T-shirts and belt buckles.

Catching up with John McCoy

John McCoy

Karen Alberg Grossman: Menswear veteran John McCoy is “amazed” at the positive energy in the industry these days.

Catching up with Atrium

Alan Fernandez and Sam Ben-Avraham

Manhattan’s Atrium re-invents itself by going back to its roots. Atrium owner Sam Ben-Avraham knows the negative impact of over-distribution. “You really can’t decipher between specialty and department stores anymore,” he told MR. “The last couple of years we’ve seen brands open distribution and start selling everyone. They say, different stores buy different pieces, but […]

Catching up with knitwear designer Lenor Romano

Lenor Romano

New Year, New Company, New Attitude! You’ve been a division of Components Clothing/Components by John McCoy since 2003; why go out on your own? In a word: DIVORCE! The ending of my marriage to John McCoy was pretty complicated… It wasn’t just the personal, but the business was so entwined. So, going out on my […]