Custom Compendium: Measuring

Perkins Tools

Whether you use a tape or a walk-in 3D scanner to measure clients, consistency and communication with your manufacturer are vital.

Tailor made: Online custom clothing


Elise Diamantini on Black Lapel, Suitly, Indochino, J. Hilburn and the growing host of custom clothiers selling online.

Custom Compendium: Fabric

H. Freeman

Of the cloth: a brief history of fine suiting and shirting fabrics.

Custom Compendium: Selling tips

Custom Compendium

From MR’s Custom Compendium: Size ’em up! Retailers reveal their secrets for selling custom clothing and furnishings.

Custom clothing: the holy grail

Custom Compendium

Custom clothing and furnishings are saving the day for many merchants.

Custom shop Alton Lane marries affordable luxury to technology

An image from the home page.

John Jones: After spending even a little time in custom clothier Alton Lane’s Flatiron District studio, one gets the impression that the next Google or Amazon could be hatched here.

Castenea Partners invests in custom clothier Astor & Black

Astor & Black

NEWTON, Mass.—Astor & Black has a major investor in Massachusetts-based Castanea Partners. The custom clothing company, which was founded in 2004 in Columbus, Ohio by David Schottenstein, sells custom suits and dress shirts, along with non-custom sportswear, accessories and outerwear online and through its travelling clothiers. “Astor & Black is an exciting investment opportunity for […]