Spring 2014 Menswear: Wake Them Up!


Enough replenishment basics; enough count-and-fill: How about “out with the old, in with new” for a more exciting (and profitable) spring ‘14 season? After shopping numerous trade shows these past several months, it’s clear that there’s plenty of fabulous men’s fashion out there, much of it in new (slightly more subdued) colors, interesting patterns, and […]

Hat Chat

From left: editorial interns Umara Vance and Thea Moresco, Dorfman’s Scott Starnes, Karen Alberg and Shelley Lipton of Lipton Publicity.

Thea Moresco: One of the best parts about being an MR intern is learning the business, and who knew there was so much to learn about hats?

State of the industry

Ron Wurtzburger

Karen Alberg Grossman speaks with a random sampling of top menswear execs for an overview of whatʼs selling, whatʼs changing, and what lies ahead.