Editor’s Letter: Positive Energy!


With the popularity of men’s style blogs, a greater emphasis on fashion in the stores and a shift to more men shopping for themselves, stars are aligned for some unprecedented growth in menswear.

Editor’s Letter: A Quarter Century!


“Oh to be young and unafraid and not know what you don’t know…” Karen Alberg Grossman reflects on 25 years of MR Magazine.

Editor’s Letter: New Beginnings


Karen Alberg Grossman: The January issue of MR is always a favorite for me: in order to recap the year, I speak with many industry visionaries who graciously share what they’ve learned from the past 12 months.

November Editor’s Letter: Terry Lundgren, Person of the Year


Karen Alberg Grossman: I learned so much from my interview with Terry Lundgren, Macy’s charismatic and surprisingly unassuming CEO — not just about Macy’s business, but also about leading, listening and inspiring a team.

Editor’s Letter: Infinitely Saleable!

Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman: Why spring ’15 could be the best season in years for menswear.

Editor’s Letter: Luxury is…

Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman: As we honor luxury retailers in our Uptown Downtown issue, we share our favorite luxury quotes, grateful for the luxury of being in this wonderful business.

Editor’s Letter: Let the Trend Evolve!

Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman: While the modern dress-up trend has positively impacted all tiers of distribution, not all agree on what it looks like or how to sell it.

Editor’s Letter: Refining Niches

Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman: Belk reinvents itself; Big & Tall specialists get aggressive.

Editor’s Letter: Apocalypse: Not!

Karen Alberg Grossman

Karen Alberg Grossman finds some sage advice from menswear industry insiders about making it work in challenging times.

Editor’s Letter: Reasons for Optimism

Power Team square

Karen Alberg Grossman lists her top ten reasons for optimism in 2014.