Japanese Snapshots

Isetan Men's

One photographer’s take on Tokyo’s retail scene: Kal Yee visits Isetan Men’s, Bedrock, Rynshu and Lift Étage/Lift Écru.

Suit Up, Shape Up!

Gladson before and after

Fabric merchant Gladson is getting behind slimmer-fitting clothing with a new selection of fabrics and an educational campaign.

A Fresh Take on Ties

Brothers Bryan Goldberg and David Goldberg

Fresh Neck’s David Goldberg is one of a handful of entrepreneurs who’ve proven that young men will pay a monthly fee to rent ties online.

A New Game


As menswear retailers struggle with a changing marketplace, few are as smart as they used to be.

Bosideng: Menswear’s Next Phase


Bosideng, an upscale contemporary Chinese brand that’s successful in Europe and Asia is soon to launch in the States.

MR Q: Public School

Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow-sq

Higher education: Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, the duo behind Public School, are learning a thing or two…

Sportswear: Consumer Fatigue?

Brunello Cucinelli

While the bigger gains are coming from tailored clothing, sportswear is still what most guys wear most often. By William Buckley

Contemporary: Slow & Steady

Pendleton Portland Collection

Careful planning spells success for contemporary retailers.

The New Blackbird

Blackbird Beard Oil

Nicole Miller, who closed Blackbird last summer, has re-focused with a robust collection of Blackbird fragrances and men’s grooming products.

Well Furnished

Robert Talbott

Shirt and tie business at better men’s specialty stores is in stasis: good, but not growing. By Harry Sheff