Jim Zimmer Retires from Men’s Wearhouse

Jim Zimmer in 2011

Jim Zimmer, the colorful Men’s Wearhouse tailored clothing buyer and brother to founder George Zimmer, has retired after nearly 40 years with the retailer.

Jim Zimmer: Clothing king

Jim Zimmer

When it comes to tailored clothing, Men’s Wearhouse’s veteran clothing buyer Jim Zimmer is the rock star.

Catching Up with: Scott Norris

Scott Norris

Scott Norris started his career at Macy’s, joined Men’s Wearhouse in 1996 and was named EVP/GMM this year. Here, we speak with him about current business, marketing, and Men’s Wearhouse’s very unique clothing buyer, Jim Zimmer. How’s overall business? Business for the first quarter exceeded our expectations. Clothing is doing really well, as are dress […]

Jim Zimmer, Dress Up Man of the Year

Jim Zimmer, Men's Wearhouse

Breaking the mold: There’s never been, nor will there ever be again, a clothing buyer like Jim Zimmer of Men’s Wearhouse. Conventional wisdom has it that you never mix business and friendship. Jim Zimmer, Men’s Wearhouse’s highly respected tailored clothing buyer who’s been with the store for the past 35 years, has never been great […]

Editor’s Letter: Change is good

Karen Alberg Grossman and Jim Zimmer

More exciting product could justify some higher pricetags. There’s no question that times are tenuous for tailored clothing makers. Extreme cost increases on fabrics, delivery problems out of China (the Chinese now have their own huge market to produce for, plus they’d rather collect euros than dollars), newly high minimums, constantly changing prices and related […]