Steal of a deal?


Daily deal websites and consumers see great benefits, but do retailers? You know the deal—Groupon, Living Social, Facebook, Google—they all have their own version of the daily deal model that’s flooding inboxes with 50 to 90 percent off promotions at local bakeries, spas, restaurants, bars and retail stores. These sites are usually a win for […]

MR Q: Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos

Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos

Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos talks about tailored clothing business, growth plans and their newest venture into footwear. It’s been said you make your best friends in college. That’s true for Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos who met as freshmen in 1998. The two went on to co-found (contemporary sportswear brand) Trovata, left the […]

JCPenney: Tips in tailored


DVP, merchandise manager of men’s accessories/furnishings & tailored clothing, Thorsten Weber gives a look inside JCPenney’s growing tailored clothing business. JCPenney is going after the younger customer in a big way and he’s responding, especially to tailored clothing. The retailer attributes recent store growth to men’s apparel sales and the addition of exclusive brands like […]

Macy’s: Strong suit


At Macy’s, fit, fashion and seasonal fabrics continue to drive clothing increases. It’s been a good year for Frank Chellew and his tailored clothing team at Macy’s. For the past 12 months, clothing business has continued to show consistent gains, with the ubiquitous slim two-button flatfront model clearly driving sales. “The clothing customer is back […]

Saks Fifth Avenue: Bouncing back


After a few tough suit-selling seasons, Saks’ VP and DMM of tailored clothing Shawn Howell reports that business is the best it’s been in years. Have suit styles changed at all over the past few years? No, it’s still two-button side vent for me. We are starting to see a little movement with three-roll-to-two, still […]

Furnishings: retailers enjoy slim styles, brace for rising costs


The general consensus among retailers large and small is that furnishings business is good, but not great. Macy’s, which reported a robust five-fold gain in first quarter profit in mid-May, credits some newness in both dress shirts (smaller collars, trimmer fit) and neckwear (slimmer ties) for growth in furnishings. Brooks Brothers says shirts and ties […]

Vendor view: Tailored clothing

Hugo Boss fall/winter 2011

Between fabric cost increases, higher minimums and delivery problems, this is not a fun time to be a clothing manufacturer. Total men’s tailored clothing in 2010, according to NPD research, was $3.4 billion, down from $3.7 billion in ’09 which was down from $4.1 billion in ’08. This represents an 8.7 percent decline in dollars […]

Getting proper turn

Sidebar Turnover

Optimal inventory turnover rates have been affected by the greater prevalence of in-stock programs. By Danny Paul In Danny Paul’s first column, in MR’s April 2011 issue, he outlined a comprehensive business plan for a men’s specialty store. This month, Paul discusses one of the most important issues for specialty retailers: proper turnover. Most menswear […]

June 2011 Fashion


Jim Zimmer, Dress Up Man of the Year

Jim Zimmer, Men's Wearhouse

Breaking the mold: There’s never been, nor will there ever be again, a clothing buyer like Jim Zimmer of Men’s Wearhouse. Conventional wisdom has it that you never mix business and friendship. Jim Zimmer, Men’s Wearhouse’s highly respected tailored clothing buyer who’s been with the store for the past 35 years, has never been great […]