Neckwear Notes: ESPN Ties and the Role of Brands

ESPN ties

Harry Sheff talks to Jeff Sencer about the role of brands and his new ESPN collection for LND Neckwear.

LND Licenses Unified for Steven Land Belts

Steven Land

LND Neckwear has licensed Unified Leather Accessories for Steven Land belts and small leather goods.

Vegas Highlights: ESPN Neckwear


Harry Sheff: If the ESPN brand is powerful enough to prompt some people to name their children “Espn,” LND Neckwear’s ESPN tie collection will probably do quite well.

The new neckwear market

Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson model their Tie the Knot bow ties

The mainstream tie business is much more than wide silk ties, with continued growth in unexpected places.

LND Neckwear hires Jeff Sencer as consultant

Steven Land

LND Neckwear Inc. has secured the services of Jeff Sencer’s JJS & Associates Consulting for sales and licensing.