Martin Greenfield Promotes New Memoir

Martin Greenfield ABC News-FEATURED

“I dress both sides of the aisle,” Martin Greenfield told ABC’s David Wright, showing off a suit he was making for President Obama during a tour of his famous Brooklyn clothing factory.

Schmoozing: 9th Annual Uptown/Downtown Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Martin Greenfield and his wife Arlene

MR Magazine celebrated the 9th annual Uptown Downtown Awards at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Manhattan on Monday, honoring the 10 Most Influential Stores in Menswear, two Readers’ Choice retailers and legendary tailor Martin Greenfield.

Martin Greenfield: The Suit Doctor

Martin Greenfield in the factory

Martin Greenfield came to America with nothing, started as a floor boy in a Brooklyn suit factory and worked his way up to be one of the most celebrated tailors in the world.

Uptown Downtown Dinner to Honor the 10 Most Influential Stores in Menswear


This year’s Uptown/Downtown Dinner will single out the 10 Most Influential Stores in Menswear.