Knit Ties: A Hot Trend or a Small Niche?

Culturata knit ties-FEATURED

Knit ties have done well editorially but haven’t quite broken into the mainstream. We asked several brands how they see the trend.

Neckwear Notes: Talking Ties with Bob Corliss

Bob Corliss with his son Bobby and daughter Shelby

Harry Sheff talks to Robert Talbott CEO Bob Corliss about the state of the neckwear business.

Neckwear Innovation at Liberty

Glendon Breismeister

Harry Sheff looks at some innovative neckwear at Liberty: Cotton toile from Glendon Lambert, burlap from Descendant of Thieves and variations on camouflage from Dibi.

Neckwear Notes: General Knot & Co., Four Years On

Andrew Payne

Now in its fourth year, General Knot has fans in places that a few years ago would have been utterly foreign to neckwear, including barber shops, coffee shops and at least one motorcycle shop.

Neckwear Notes: ESPN Ties and the Role of Brands

ESPN ties

Harry Sheff talks to Jeff Sencer about the role of brands and his new ESPN collection for LND Neckwear.

Neckwear Notes: Armstrong & Wilson

Clifton Wilson and Ontario Armstrong

Armstrong & Wilson’s ties and pocket squares have just the right amount of detail.

Neckwear Notes: Glendon Lambert

Glendon Breismeister

Harry Sheff: Few brands as young as Glendon Lambert pack this much fun and innovation into a collection.

Neckwear Notes: Flynt’s casual ties


Flynt’s Brent Kestin has solved a perennial problem in casual neckwear: how to pair a plaid shirt with a patterned tie.

Neckwear Notes: Forsyth of Canada

Forsyth of Canada

“This is the first season ever that we’ve had a total sellout,” Forsyth of Canada’s Harris Hester said of his colorful spring neckwear collection.

Neckwear Notes: The Shelby Knot Collection

Shelby Knot Collection

Harry Sheff: Twin brothers Danny and Kenny King have launched a neckwear business inspired by a Minneapolis news anchor’s famous tie knot.