Neckwear Notes: Talking Ties with Bob Corliss

Bob Corliss with his son Bobby and daughter Shelby

Harry Sheff talks to Robert Talbott CEO Bob Corliss about the state of the neckwear business.

Neckwear Innovation at Liberty

Glendon Breismeister

Harry Sheff looks at some innovative neckwear at Liberty: Cotton toile from Glendon Lambert, burlap from Descendant of Thieves and variations on camouflage from Dibi.

Well Furnished

Robert Talbott

Shirt and tie business at better men’s specialty stores is in stasis: good, but not growing. By Harry Sheff

Randa’s Italy Design Center Doubles in Size

Randa Como Italy Design Center

Randa Accessories has doubled the size of its Como, Italy Design Center and invested more in its neckwear business.

Neckwear Notes: Armstrong & Wilson

Clifton Wilson and Ontario Armstrong

Armstrong & Wilson’s ties and pocket squares have just the right amount of detail.

Wild Life Reserve: The Power of Personal Style

The Wildlife Reserve

Frustrated by all the mass-produced cookie-cutter looks that dominate menʼs fashion, New Orleans-based Micaiah Bethune and his wife Tabitha created a niche featuring limited-edition neckwear.

Neckwear Notes: Glendon Lambert

Glendon Breismeister

Harry Sheff: Few brands as young as Glendon Lambert pack this much fun and innovation into a collection.

Fabulous Furnishings

Eton designer Sebastian Dollinger and Erik Wilkinson

Thea Moresco looks at neckwear, pocket squares and scarves from Title of Work, Eton and Jupe by Jackie.

A need for speed

Sean Rayhall

Robert Talbott is getting serious about auto racing, from sponsorships to CEO Bob Corliss’s six-race tour in a carbon fiber Formula Atlantic race car.

Neckwear Notes: Flynt’s casual ties


Flynt’s Brent Kestin has solved a perennial problem in casual neckwear: how to pair a plaid shirt with a patterned tie.