Furnishings Business: Optimism Amid Challenges


Dress shirts are doing well, but neckwear is a more complicated business: down some places, up in others, and full of intriguing niche opportunities.

Knit Ties: A Hot Trend or a Small Niche?

Culturata knit ties-FEATURED

Knit ties have done well editorially but haven’t quite broken into the mainstream. We asked several brands how they see the trend.

PVH Launching Vilebrequin Neckwear

Swimwear from Vilebrequin's SS15 collection

G-III has licensed PVH’s Insignia Design Group to launch neckwear under the Vilebrequin brand.

Women in Neckwear: Ruth Graves, STEP USA

Ruth Graves

A few smart, talented, workaholic women are shaking things up in men’s neckwear. Here, Karen Alberg Grossman talks to Ruth Graves.

Women in Neckwear: Barbara Blank, JS Blank

Bud and Barbara Blank

Karen Alberg Grossman talks to Barbara Blank about how she got into the tie business and what she’s learned from her father.

Women in Neckwear: Margo Petitti

Margo Petitti

Rhode Island-based designer Margo Petitti started her scarf and neckwear business making patchwork designs from suiting fabrics.

Take a Bow

Brittons Bow Tie Record

Brittons of Columbia, S.C. set a bow tie record in February and raised $25,000 for the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital in the process.

Neckwear Notes: Talking Ties with Bob Corliss

Bob Corliss with his son Bobby and daughter Shelby

Harry Sheff talks to Robert Talbott CEO Bob Corliss about the state of the neckwear business.

Neckwear Innovation at Liberty

Glendon Breismeister

Harry Sheff looks at some innovative neckwear at Liberty: Cotton toile from Glendon Lambert, burlap from Descendant of Thieves and variations on camouflage from Dibi.

Well Furnished

Robert Talbott

Shirt and tie business at better men’s specialty stores is in stasis: good, but not growing. By Harry Sheff