Memorial Service Scheduled for Vince Camuto

A memorial service for designer Vince Camuto is scheduled for February 5 at St. Ignatius of Loyola in NYC.

Vince Camuto Dies After Battle With Cancer

Vince Camuto

Camuto, the co-founder of Nine West and his own brand, was 78.

Obituary: Milton Julian

Milton Julian

Milton Julian, a former Chapel Hill, N.C. retailer, died on Saturday at the age of 96.

Sansabelt’s Bud Ruby Dies

Bud Ruby

Burton “Bud” Ruby, the former head of Jaymar-Ruby Inc., died at the age of 95 on December 27.

Jewelry Designer Scott Kay Dies at 57

Scott Kay

Scott Kay, the founder of a large fashion and bridal jewelry business, died on December 4 of a heart attack.

Obituary: Charles Duke Zucker

Charles Duke Zucker

Charles Duke Zucker, a veteran salesman who worked for Cardinal, Esquire, Zanella and Peerless Clothing, died earlier this month.

Oscar de la Renta, 1932-2014

Oscar de la Renta-FEATURED

Oscar de la Renta died Monday evening at the age of 82. Though best known for his women’s gowns, the legendary designer also created the uniforms the Boy Scouts used from 1980 to 2008.

Obituary: Chris Crowley of Maker & Co.

Chris Crowley

Christopher Crowley, a menswear veteran and co-founder of the Maker & Co. brand, died suddenly of a heart attack on Friday, October 10. He was 50.

Obituary: Jay Kodner

Jay Kodner, a retailer who ran Johnnie Walkers Menswear in Milwaukee with his brother David, has died at the age of 76.

Obituary: Irma Belle Poche Abdalla

IRMA Abdalla

Mrs. Abdalla and her husband ran Abdalla’s department store in Lafayette, Louisiana for over 60 years.