Oxxford: A Tradition of Tradition

Bob Denton, Tony Maddox of Norton Ditto and Chris Brueckner

Karen Alberg Grossman: I had the good fortune to meet with Chris Brueckner and Bob Denton of Oxxford Clothes during market week and was reassured to learn that some things never change.

IAG promotes four executives at Oxxford, Measure Up, Gitman and Corbin


IAG president Joe Blair announced the promotions of Bob Denton, Jay Myers, Dana Dean and Sara Hutchison.

Letter to the Editor: Reminiscences from Greg Thomajan of Zareh


Greg Thomajan, owner of Zareh in Boston for more than 50 years, sent this letter to MR’s editor-in-chief Karen Alberg Grossman. If you’re a retailer, and you’ve got something to say, drop us a line! Either post or e-mail will do. Dear Karen, Now that I’m on the wrong side of 75 and starting my […]