OUTERWEAR WEEK: Tailored outerwear at retail

Schneiders Salzburg

Warm weather hasn’t stopped most retailers from being optimistic about the tailored outerwear business.

American spirit: Made in America at retail


Independent retailers agree, when it comes to country of origin, customers do care. It could be the economy, or it could be the passion for all things Americana; maybe one explains the other. But made in America is resonating with the American consumer now more than ever. “I have six pieces of my latest Engineered […]

Pat Mon Pere Sr. Keeps Winning Friends and Influencing People


Oh the stories! Talk to Patrick MonPere Sr. about retailing and you will undoubtedly hear many a tale about life itself. An exceptional merchant with a flair for both fashion and finance, MonPere has created a unique business model that combines 16 retail stores and a strong web/catalog business with promotional cash-raising sales for merchants […]