OUTERWEAR WEEK: Casual outerwear at retail

Moose Knuckles

Based on early fall 2012 selling the key word in outerwear is items.

The Alliance for Main Street Fairness


The Alliance for Main Street Fairness is dedicated to closing the infamous internet sales tax loopholes that allow many American consumers to get tax-free merchandise by purchasing online, rather than in local shops.

Steal of a deal?


Daily deal websites and consumers see great benefits, but do retailers? You know the deal—Groupon, Living Social, Facebook, Google—they all have their own version of the daily deal model that’s flooding inboxes with 50 to 90 percent off promotions at local bakeries, spas, restaurants, bars and retail stores. These sites are usually a win for […]

Point/Counterpoint: How to improve menswear sales

Gilbert Rose and Peter Rose

Father and son retailers Gilbert and Peter Rose don’t quite agree on what it would take to get men to dress better and buy more clothing. Point: An Industry at Risk By Gilbert Rose, The Chelsea Group LLC, Wyandotte, MI I have been in the menswear business nearly 50 years. I go back to a […]

Guest Editorial: Taking Control

Peter Rose: Reinvigorate your business with an injection of youth. I lost track of how many people have responded or reacted to my father’s article which you aptly titled “An Indifferent Audience” (MR February 2010). Rather than take issue with some of the nuances of Gilbert’s perspective, I want to express a different point of […]

Guest Editorial: An Indifferent Audience

Retailer Gilbert Rose on the challenges of getting men through the door. When I read DLS’s essentially upbeat assessment of the current state of business, in the January 1, 2010 issue of MR, it occurred to me that someone ought to say a few words on behalf of those stores who, like us, don’t seem […]