Schmoozing: Liberty Party at No. 8

Sam Ben-Avraham

Liberty, the new menswear trade show launched last week in New York by Sam Ben-Avraham, hosted a party at No. 8 on Tuesday the 23rd.

Wittmore debuts at Liberty’s pop-up space in LA

Wittmore Pop-Up

Wittmore, the contemporary menswear e-commerce site, has opened a summer pop-up shop in LA with the help of Sam Ben-Avraham’s Liberty Fairs trade show.

Six Vegas shows band together to form Modern Assembly for August

Project founder Sam Ben-Avraham’s new show Liberty will be among the six shows banding together for the August Las Vegas market.

Crossing the bridge

Store design was inspired by the neighborhood’s aesthetic and made from locally sourced materials like reclaimed and recycled wood, steel and plastic.

Elise Diamantini visits Atrium’s latest store in Brooklyn, New York.

Catching up with Atrium

Alan Fernandez and Sam Ben-Avraham

Manhattan’s Atrium re-invents itself by going back to its roots. Atrium owner Sam Ben-Avraham knows the negative impact of over-distribution. “You really can’t decipher between specialty and department stores anymore,” he told MR. “The last couple of years we’ve seen brands open distribution and start selling everyone. They say, different stores buy different pieces, but […]