Elie Tahari: An American dream

Elie Tahari

Karen Alberg Grossman talks to designer Elie Tahari about how he made it big. “Yes, I slept in Central Park when I first arrived in America but I never felt homeless,” saysTahari. “I was camping!”

Editor’s Letter: Making it here

Checking out the St. Croix factory in Winona, Minnesota

In my 21 years as editor of MR Magazine, I’ve seen my share of domestic factories. It’s America at its best: talented people from diverse ethnic backgrounds working together for a common goal.

September Fashion: American Hero


Fashion produced by John Jones and photographed by Michael Tammaro. Model: Chris Austad, FM2. Assistant stylist: Amy Sciaretta.

Made in America: Foreign Appeal


Shoppers across the globe show interest in MIA. By Jillian Sprague American art and fashion have long had admirers abroad. More recently, some American brands that produce domestically have experienced sales growth in foreign nations. But do international retailers truly seek out brands because they’re made in the U.S.? Or are American-made goods simply trending […]

Intern Adventures: All the write stuff


A creative writing major gets immersed in menswear By Kelsey White As a writer and fashion enthusiast, the opportunity to intern at MR Magazine was more than I could ask for. This experience educated me about the businesses of fashion and publishing, but it also exposed me to things that I now consider to be […]

Intern Adventures: Hot child in the city


A New York summer with MR By Hannah Roth My walk to 1384 Broadway each morning, passing Brother Jimmy’s and Penn Station and then walking up Fashion Avenue, is a testament to the fact that New York City is home to all cultures and walks of life. Living in the FIT dorms while working at […]

Intern Adventures: A Connecticut Yankee


Interning at MR was hardly The Devil Wears Prada By Amy Sciaretta Living and working in the placid suburbs of Connecticut, you can imagine how ecstatic I was to snag an internship in New York City—not to mention for a menswear fashion magazine. Clothes and boys, what could be better? Coming out of my first […]

What are the attributes of a successful retailer?

By Danny Paul We all know of great stores in the industry, but what makes a store that way? It’s never one big thing—it’s generally hundreds of little things that make stores special and exciting. On the other hand, failure isn’t ever attributable to one big thing either (although when stores fail they always attribute […]

Unionmade: Making made in America cool


After 19 years of working in corporate America for the Gap, Todd Barket, like many people during the recession, lost his job. Barket took the opportunity to live out his American dream and opened Unionmade in San Francisco, Calif. “When I opened the store, few men’s specialty stores carried aspirational brands.” Of course, that’s since […]

Made In America: The factories

Crafted with pride While the number of U.S. factories has obviously declined over the years, the ones that remain are hanging in, some even thriving. Consider JA Apparel in New Bedford, Mass. with its 450 employees. “It dates back to 1920,” says JA Apparel’s Tony Sapienza. “GFT bought it in 1985 and converted it. They […]