Randa Announces New Division Structure, Promotions

Judy Person

Randa Accessories has created four new product divisions and a new Key Accounts division, all overseen by Judy Person.

Swank CEO John Tulin Retiring in May

John Tulin

John Tulin, chief executive of Randa Accessories’ Swank division, will retire on May 16.

Swank’s Mel Goldfeder Retiring

Mel Goldfeder

Mel Goldfeder, who started his career at Swank in 1967, is retiring from the Swank division of Randa Accessories.

Schmoozing: Randa BCS Championship party at Butterfield 8

Randa party at Butterfield 8

Randa Accessories hosted a party at Butterfield 8 last night to watch the BCS Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama.

Randa moving its headquarters across Midtown in January

Randa's new headquarters at 417 Fifth Avenue

Randa Accessories is moving its corporate offices from West 45th Street to a new space on Fifth Avenue.

Schmoozing: Randa


Randa Accessories hosted a Las Vegas market party at Mandalay Bay last week.

Randa invests in Guatemalan belt maker Tata

Randa Accessories

Randa Accessories said it has inked a partnership with Tata, a Guatemala-based belt manufacturer.

Randa completes Swank acquisition


Randa Accessories Leather Goods LLC has completed its $57.3 million ($10 a share) acquisition of Swank Inc.

Swank Q4 up slightly, receives second offer


Swank reports a slight increase in Q4 income and a new offer from a potential buyer.

Randa to acquire Swank


Randa Accessories announced this morning that it has reached an agreement to acquire Swank, Inc., a competing accessories company, for $10 a share in a $57.5 million deal.