This Australian TV Host Wore the Same Suit for a Year


Karl Stefanovic, cohost of an Australian morning talk show, wore the same “cheap Burberry knock-off” on the air for a year straight to make a point about sexism.

Is Tailored Clothing Finally Catching Up With Millennials?


William Buckley: Fashion is moving toward a less rigid, but definitively dressed up approach to tailored clothing that mirrors the ideals of the new consumer.

Tailored Clothing: What’s New Now?

LBM 1911

The “newness” driving tailored clothing sales isn’t all that new.

NPD: Tailored Tops Growth in Apparel Sales

NPD Group

NPD’s research says there was double-digit growth in tailored clothing in the first half of the year compared to the same time last year.

Tailored clothing: Make more noise!


Karen Alberg Grossman: While selling dress-up in a casual universe is no piece of cake, stars are aligned for increased suit sales.

Jim Zimmer: Clothing king

Jim Zimmer

When it comes to tailored clothing, Men’s Wearhouse’s veteran clothing buyer Jim Zimmer is the rock star.

Men in suits

Perry Ellis

Karen Alberg Grossman: Suits are enjoying a moment, but can the momentum continue?

Making & marketing U.S. clothing

H. Freeman

Karen Alberg Grossman: We’ve got the quality; we just need the cool.

Men of the Cloth

Joe Centofanti in his workroom

Producer/director Vicki Vasilopoulos is seeking funding for her film on Italian master tailors, and her Kickstarter campaign has only two weeks left.

Will the strength of the suit business continue?


A readers asks merchandise planning expert Steve Pruitt how long growth in suit sales will last.