Saul Korman on Making it in a Career He Didn’t Always Love

Saul Korman-Toronto Regional Board of Trade-FEATURED

Saul Korman of Korry’s spoke about life in menswear in his acceptance speech for the 2015 Business Leader Award from the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

This Australian TV Host Wore the Same Suit for a Year


Karl Stefanovic, cohost of an Australian morning talk show, wore the same “cheap Burberry knock-off” on the air for a year straight to make a point about sexism.

In Other News: Mo’s Bows on ABC’s Shark Tank

Mos Bows

By the time 11-year-old Moziah Bridges appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, he’d already been on The Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show and in the pages of Oprah’s magazine.

TVO Talks to Larry Rosen About Harry Rosen’s 60th Anniversary

Larry Rosen

Harry Rosen CEO Larry Rosen talks to a Toronto TV station about the iconic menswear retailer’s 60th anniversary — and competition from Saks and Nordstrom.

Sal Cesarani in “Smarter Brains” documentary

Sal Cesarani on Smarter Brains

Designer Sal Cesarani is going to appear in a PBS documentary about learning and the brain.

DXL: The over-sized man is under-served

DXL Shopping No Man's Land

Big & tall retailer Destination XL Group launched its first-ever big national ad campaign — but no major network would air it.

Like a man, part two — with a chainsaw


In the second of Lost Boys owner Kelly Muccio’s Like a Man video series, the Washington, D.C. retailer gets a cocktail lesson from chainsaw-wielding bartender Derek Brown.

Like a man


Elise Diamantini talk to Lost Boys’ Kelly Muccio about her latest Like a Man video series.

Ron Johnson discusses JCPenney’s new strategy


JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson detailed some of the retailer’s new pricing strategy, a new logo and a new store merchandising plan today in New York City.

There Ain’t No Cure


For those of us stuck working on this beautiful summer day, and for those of us depressed about stock market fluctuations, and for those who questioned my use of “ain’t” in a recent editorial: here’s a great song by The Who to take you back to the ’60s. Hope it brightens your day!