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Jeff at Agave

Karen Alberg Grossman at Project: Agave, Will Leathergoods, Arnold Zimberg, Ben Minkoff, Mod-o-doc, Maceoo and Martin Gordon.

MR’s “Items you might have missed” hit list for fall/holiday selling

Borgo 28

Karen Alberg Grossman: For those better specialty stores that still have open-to-buy, here’s a Top Ten list for fall/holiday 2012 based on the Vegas shows.

Fall 2012: The dollar’s in the details


Every season, before I start the tradeshow circuit, I make an appointment with Doneger’s Tim Bess to check out his trend forecast presentation. Tim’s charismatic personality and thorough assessment of the market always gets me pumped to enter the next round of shows. Over the past few seasons menswear has seriously cleaned up and gone […]